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Backup management

    How do we backup Wordpress with Updraft Plus?

    • Log in to the backend of your website. If the plugin is not yet installed or activated, you can install and activate UpdraftPlus yourself by going to Plugins – new plugin and searching UpdraftPlus.
    • Go to UpdraftPlus and click the “Back up now” button.
    • Make sure all boxes are checked:
      Add your database to the backup (…)
      Add your files to the backup (…)
      and make sure plugins, themes, uploads and others are checked.
    • Click Backup Now and you will see the message: Debackup appears to have been successful and has now been completed (date, time)
    • The Backup appears on the screen. To download, click on the buttons: Database, Plugins, Themes, Uploads, WordPress, core,Other. (Sometimes there are multiple downloadable packages per part.)
    • The components will then appear above and you can click on the buttons: Download to computer.
    • Download the parts one by one to your PC or external hard drive or backup device.
    • Then delete the backup from the web server, because space is often limited.