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Content marketing

    If you regularly publish a blog article or video that actually adds value to your target group, this will make a very important contribution to achieving your online marketing goals. You can then link social media posts, online advertisements and newsletters to these blogs on your website. That’s what it’s all about: attracting customers to your website, because that’s where the real conversions take place. This is how you create a funnel to your website. A website with many interesting articles on a specific subject also becomes easier to find in search engines. “Content is king” when it comes to SEO.

    Posting a blog

    If you would like to post a blog, please send me the texts and I will be happy to arrange this for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, read the following instructions.

    All Wordpress websites have a back-end. Only administrators can log in to the backend with login name and password. You can reach the back-end by typing the following behind your domain name in the URL bar of your internet browser behind your URL: wp-admin/ or /possibly-a-secret-code/?login/. If you forgot the secret URL, please contact me.
    Click on the post or page you want to edit.
    A text editor is installed, so you can edit the text in the editor’s text box without thinking about the HTML code. You can make text bold or italic, enter links or enter a “Read more…” button.
    After making the changes, click Update.
    That’s all!

    Copy and paste?

    If you copy text from a document or another Internet page and paste it into your website’s word processor, you may be pasting a lot of dirty formatting code along with it. That is why I recommend first pasting the text into a very simple word processing program such as notepad and from there into the word processor of your website. This keeps your HTML code clean.


    The general layout of all web pages and also the style such as color, size, alignment of all text, headings, links, lists on the website are centrally controlled in the template. This allows a standard layout and style that is applied to all pages and all texts. So if you want to change something, I can change it in one go instead of you having to change all pages separately. The advantages of this are of course a huge time saving, that the source code remains “clean” and that the style remains consistent.

    Insert images

    To insert an image or video, click Add media. If your image is already on your server, select it from the list and click the “insert” button.
    If the image is not yet on the server, we must upload it first. But before we do that, we need to make the image the right size and give it the right resolution. Please feel free to ask me if you don’t know how to do that. You can then upload the image via Add media – Upload files.

    Customize menu

    Adjusting the menu in Wordpress is done via the Dashboard – Appearance – Menus.