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Hosting Provider

    The right hosting provider is essential for websites with a content management system, such as Wordpress, and also for a streamlined collaboration with us. Therefore, choose quality instead of being stingy regarding perhaps your most important marketing tool: Your website!


    Speed and security are increasingly important ranking factors for search engines. The cheapest hosting providers host relatively more websites per server, which is at the expense of speed.


    Furthermore, it is essential that your hosting provider is always (24×7) and directly available via chat or telephone. It is inconvenient for development and maintenance if the answering machine is on after 5 p.m. or during the weekend. A helpdesk that only works with a ticket system is also difficult to work with.

    If we were to be unreachable (let’s not assume that, but it could happen), the website owner should be able to contact the hosting provider’s helpdesk directly, by telephone or chat. For example, they can restore a backup in an emergency if your website is down or help you if your email no longer works.


    Many hosting providers only keep backups for a short time. If you only discover after a few weeks that there is something wrong with your website, you will not be able to restore THE correct backup. I therefore recommend a hosting provider that makes a daily backup and keeps it for at least 2 weeks. If you can also download those backups, that would be an extra advantage.

    Standard = Faster = Cheaper

    Each hosting provider has its own control panel, server settings and other details. It would take up an unnecessary amount of time if I always had to find my way through different hosting provider control panels.


    For security reasons, I prefer not to log into my clients’ hosting provider accounts with their login name and password. It is better that as a web designer I get my own login details, with which I can log in with double verification. Moreover, for privacy reasons, I do not have access to the email boxes, etc. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible with all hosting providers.


    The StartUp Package is sufficient for a simple website. The GrowBig package for larger websites and web shops, websites with many visitors, if you have multiple URLs, etc. As a hosting provider, Siteground sometimes appears as “best” in tests, but not always as “the fastest”. “The best” also looks at helpdesk support, downtime, email, backups, security, price, etc. With Wordpress with Elementor, Siteground, which often comes out best “overall” in independent tests, does not appear to be the fastest. Some hosting providers, such as Siteground, opt for safety instead of speed with their server settings and opt for minimal downtime.

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    Kinsta specializes in Wordpress and is therefore very fast and uses a Google data center in the Netherlands. Kinsta doesn’t offer domain registration. So you have to arrange this via Namecheap, for example. Kinsta also does not offer web mailboxes or email addresses. You also have to arrange this in a different way, such as with Gmail or Microsoft Office 365. This solution is slightly more complicated and expensive, but ultimately offers a very fast and secure Wordpress website.


    Please send me the following

    If you would like me to build your website, please order one of the hosting packages above. It is better not to use an email address that ends in … as a login name. It is better to use a general email address such as … or … To get started for you, it is necessary to give me rights to your hosting account as a web designer / collaborator. Of course I would be happy to help you with that.

    Moving a website

    If your website is still hosted with another hosting provider and you have chosen to move the domain, DNS, website and/or email to another hosting provider, the following applies to you.

    When moving, it is useful to know the following definitions:

    Domain Name System (DNS): This system works like a kind of telephone book that shows which web server IP address corresponds to a domain name. Almost all hosting providers also arrange the DNS.

    The domain: Your domain or URL is registered with a “domain registrar”. Most hosting providers register your domain for you with the domain registrar they work with.

    Hosting provider: The website consists of HTML or PHP files, images and a database. Those website files and database are located on your hosting provider’s server.


    If your website is placed on a different server with a different IP address, we will have to change the DNS.

    If we do, your website and email may become unstable for a few days as it takes up to 72 hours for changes to be reflected around the world. Every change to DNS data is accompanied by downtime periods lasting from several hours to sometimes several days. Usually we don’t notice it much, but I prefer to warn that it is possible that it may cause disruption and inconvenience.

    Moving email

    If your email is managed by, for example, Gmail or, your email boxes will not move, but the DNS settings (such as the MX and SPF) must remain intact. If your old hosting provider does handle email and/or if you have web mailboxes there, you must do the following:

    Make a backup of the email boxes / email addresses associated with the domain name. Please tell me which email addresses (associated with your domain) I should create.
    Test whether your employees have access to those new web mailboxes with your new hosting provider.
    Please note that email settings will likely need to be adjusted on all your devices and for all your employees. The right time to adjust the email settings is when your email is no longer sent/received with the old settings. Only then should you reconfigure your email program or app. E-mail in your old web mailbox must be transferred if you want, because it will not automatically arrive in the new web mailbox.

    Transfer domain

    Make sure you have direct access to the mailbox of the domain name administrator in the (old) domain register to confirm that you agree with the transfer. If you cannot confirm, you will have to expect a delay in transferring your domain. You must request a transfer code from your old provider for the domain(s) you want to transfer and forward it to me.

    You will sometimes receive a number of verification emails that you must confirm for approval. Keep an eye on your mailbox and spam folder. I can’t do this for you.

    If all goes well, transferring a domain name can take anywhere from a few days to up to 2 weeks, depending on the registrar.

    Please note that if, for example, you change the name of the domain owner, you will not be able to transfer the domain for a few weeks.

    Your old hosting provider

    Even if the domain name is transferred, you still have to cancel your hosting package with your old provider, otherwise the costs may continue. It is possible that there are other domain names registered in your package and in that case you probably do not want to cancel the package completely.

    If you cancel your web hosting package with your hosting provider, everything (including website, mailboxes and email account settings) will be deleted. So make sure you have a backup of your website and email in time.