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Graphic Design

The brand is the story you want to tell about your business; it encompasses and defines your visual identity, such as the logo, color scheme, and images, which should always remain the same to ensure authentic and effective communication.”


WordPress is a system used by over 60% of existing websites worldwide. It is used by companies of all sizes, from small blogs to websites for large corporations.


We will incorporate Google Analytics into your website to keep track of the performance for each marketing channel. This will allow us to measure the results of the online marketing endeavors and refine them as needed.


To increase your revenue, I recommend using Google Ads, where you pay per click. I can set up campaigns for you and ensure that you generate as many relevant leads and conversions as possible. The goal is to get sign-ups, phone calls, filled out contact forms, and more. The Google Ads campaigns need to be regularly monitored and adjusted to effectively spend your advertising budget. I am happy to take on that work and discuss the results with you periodically.


SEO, also known as “Search Engine Optimization,” is an important part of online marketing. It focuses on improving the ranking of your website in Google. This is done by optimizing different parts, such as website performance, selecting the right keywords, and enhancing user experience for visitors. Improving your website’s SEO is a long-term process, but it is definitely a valuable investment.


Email marketing is a useful tool to effectively and affordably achieve better results from your existing network. I will design a template that showcases the website’s brand identity. This will allow you to send newsletters without limitations. You will be able to view the statistics of the newsletters online.


Social media is a highly useful tool for online marketing. Consumers are more attracted to positive reviews on social media than to regular advertisements. An active social media account builds trust and convinces visitors more effectively. We assist you with the images and design of your social media and display them on your website.