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Social Media 

    As far as social media marketing is concerned, there are very good tutorials on You can create a free account to gain access. With regard to your website only, we will check whether the following is in order.

    • Is it easy for visitors to share web pages with social media share buttons on every web page?
    • Are your web pages equipped with the correct tags, which ensure that the correct image and text are displayed when visitors share the page?
    • Is it easy for visitors to like or follow your social media page with buttons on every web page?
    • Are your social media pages designed in your corporate identity?
    • Have you claimed devanityURLs?
    • Do you ask for your social media channels to be liked, shared, tweeted or linked in as many places as possible?
    • Do you regularly post a message with a link to more information on your website, for example in your blog?
    • Do you advertise in social media to gain extra attention from your target group?