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Web design

    Before we can start building a website, we always create a design and that phase consists of the following steps.

    Your input

    Your input is needed before I can get started. What do you have in mind in terms of “look and feel” and layout? Send me examples of websites and images that we can use as inspiration to create the right look and feel. You can also be inspired by the demos of the templates and page builders I use, see en and stock photos, which you can download from websites such as:


    To work as effectively as possible and achieve the best results, I recommend that you have a Brand Book created by a graphic designer.

    This exists of:

    • Corporate identity description
    • Logo
    • Payoff
    • Corporate identity elements
    • Logo variants
    • Primary color palette
    • Digital corporate identity fonts
    • Description of image style of photography

    To view an example of a Brandbook, click here.


    We then determine the layout of the homepage, blog pages, overview pages, product pages, etc.

    Web design

    Once the wireframe is in order, we use Adobe XD to make a web design of the homepage, blog pages, product pages, etc. that also includes the corporate identity colors, images, texts, etc.


    Finally, the images must be edited and made to exactly the right size and we give each image the correct file name.

    Once the above has been completed, we can start building the website in WordPress in the most effective way.